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Our growth only matters, if we make great connections along the way. We thank you for considering CRA Welding.

Metal fabrication

Some of the best business ventures start out small

In the Fall of 2015, I purchased a used welder and an angle grinder with the intention of building gates and hay feeders for my home farm. There were no plans to start a welding business at that time. My full-time work schedule and farm wouldn’t have allowed it. I couldn’t have imagined what doors would open when I started these projects. In only a year, I managed to build a 15-stall barn using only a welder, an angle grinder, and a drill press. More friends and family were reaching out to me to see if I could help them, too.

It was evident that this needed to become my new career, or else I needed to quit before it got out of hand. I chose to give it my all. After quitting my previous job, I moved my new business into a 960-square-foot shop. Things grew quickly and I was only able to stay there for two years.


How Far We've Come

By 2018, we built a 6,000-square-foot shop and my brother Marlin joined CRA Welding. We were “off to the races”, picking up all the work we could handle. The next couple of years went by with crazy growth.

Another 8,000 square feet were added to our facility by 2021. It has been a great blessing to see that not only has our building grown, but our team as well. We are grateful for the great employees and companies we’re involved with. These connections have made lasting friendships and I believe that is one of the most rewarding things about business in general.

Aluminum and steel welding

Fun Fact About Us:

Marlin and I enjoy working with Quarter Horses. Marlin’s interests revolve around broodmares, breeding, and the like. I on the other hand enjoy buying young horses and putting them through 1-2 years of training. On the side, I do have a couple of mares that I breed to Reining Bred stallions, too.

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