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Custom Made Horse Stalls

CRA Welding provides horse owners with superior horse stall doors, fronts, gates, and more. Everything we build is hand made and custom designed fit to your needs. Some of these items are in-stock equine products and available for immediate purchase and will be marked in the galleries below.

Mesh Front Horse Stalls

Airflow is imperative to any climate, warm or cold. Horse stalls are a crucial component in promoting or hindering the airflow in your barn. Horse barns with ample airflow allow for better lung health in your horses (fewer respiratory problems), less risk of airborne bacteria, and a well-ventilated barn.
Traditional stall fronts are wooden on the bottom with vertical metal bars on top. Most barns have this setup. It looks nice and provides visibility and safety. While most clients enjoy this look, CRA Welding recommends adding steel mesh in a horse stall design.

European Style Stall Front

CRA Welding manufactures horse barn materials such as carriage doors, Dutch windows and doors, and horse stalls, including the popular European-style stall fronts. European stall fronts, also referred to as hinged horse stalls or “Euros,” offer your horses maximum socialization as the stall door, and sides (wings) provide a swooping curve. The European stall front design also gives your barn the ultimate equestrian style regardless of your equestrian discipline.

European stall fronts by CRA Welding are durable, bold, and beautiful. They are constructed of heavy gauge steel and are fabricated in a wide variety of colors and styles. European stalls are available in an offset or center opening and single or double swinging door options to meet your horse’s needs and your barn design requirements.

Traditional Stalls for Horses

Like everything we make, we design and manufacture our traditional stall fronts to your specifications. Choosing between sliding or hinged stalls may depend on preference or necessity.

For example, if your barn aisle way is narrow, sliding horse stalls are typically the best fit for you and your horse(s) as they provide a space-saving advantage. When it comes to hinged horse stalls, they typically incorporate a graceful European style but can also be a more traditional box stall design.

Horse Gates

Whether you need metal horse stalls for your racehorses or to install metal stalls at your home stable, CRA Welding can help. We offer metal horse gates in several different styles and configurations, including:
-Standard metal horse stalls
-Corral metal horse stalls
-Divider metal horse stalls
-Tack metal horse stalls

Aluminum Round Pens

Round pens are one of the horse industry’s most widely used training tools and are quickly becoming one of the must-have equine products. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used for many tasks, from lunging and training pens to temporary turnout. We manufacture a large variety of round pens to fit nearly every situation. Just like when planning your horse fencing, there are many factors to consider when choosing a round pen, but the most crucial feature to consider is safety.

If you have any questions or want to place an order, please call us at 330-473-7000 to speak with us today!

Portable Horse Stalls

You can find CRA Welding’s portable horse stalls in the best equestrian facilities throughout the country, from hot and sunny Texas to the cooler and less dry climates of the New England states. Our portable horse stalls lead the industry because of our commitment to design, durability, and safety. They are perfect for any commercial horse barn, including boarding facilities, polo clubs, ranches, luxury resorts, horse shows, fairgrounds, and expo centers.

Though they are colloquially known as “portable” and “temporary,” our horse stalls are built to last and safely house your horses. Our portable horse stalls feature heavy-duty steel components, fine craftsmanship, and mindful design that promotes safety. Rest assured, your CRA Welding portable horse stalls will serve your horse and facility for years to come.

Hay Feeders for Horses

CRA Welding believes horse feeders should be designed to serve everyone who uses them, equine and human. For horses, that means a feeder that allows them too graze slowly like they would in the wild. For horse people, that means a feeder that cuts hay waste and reduces labor.

When domesticated horses are given all the feed they want at once, it can create conditions their digestive systems can’t handle. With a slow hay feeder, you can give your horse all the nutrition it needs without creating a health risk. Horses can be hard on feeders. That’s not a problem, though, if you have a horse feeder designed to take the abuse. We build all our horse feeders from heavy-gauge steel. From selecting steel to welding joints to shipping the finished product, we’re building horse feeders for the future. When one of our horse hay feeders arrives on your farm, we expect it to stay for decades.

We’d love to help you find the perfect feeders for your operation. If you have questions about what kind of horse feeder is right for you or have ideas for a custom design, call us at 330-473-7000.

Barn Features

Hanging racks are one of our barn features.

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