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Value-added services

How We Can Help With Your Next Welding Project

CRA Welding offers high-quality build-to-print and build-to-specification service. So, this allows customers to take advantage of our skilled manufacturing, custom design and project management teams. In addition, our products are wide-ranging and include dog kennels, horse stalls, portable horse stalls, custom fit pasture and barn gates, stock pasture gates, hay feeders, stairs and furniture, and custom project needs for heavy equipment bumpers, accessories, and more in the Fredricksburg, Ohio area.

decorative metal roof for front entryway

Installation & Value-Added Service

Customer Focused

Because we are customer-driven and have a goal of exceeding their expectations, our value-added services are among the best on the market. From timely, detail-oriented installation services to managing your total project, we can accommodate most needs. From custom powder coat, hot dipped galvanized, polishing stainless and paint colors to add-on items, and more, we go the extra mile for every customer.

Dog Kennels

Safe. Secure. Attractive

Our dog kennels are made for the veterinarian, pet groomer, shelter manager, breeder, dog boarding facility owner and more. We have an assortment of kennels perfect for your needs that are designed and built as a safe and attractive animal enclosure for every type on dog species. Gates operate easily, close or lock. Available in Aluminum, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, Polished stainless and painted structures.

Horse Stalls

Beautiful and Durable

Our custom horse stalls beautiful your barn while keeping your horses safe and secure. Easy operation on gates with vertical bars for less cribbing. Available in a variety of styles, sizes materials, and finishes.

Portable Horse Stalls

Versatile and Safe

You can find CRA Welding’s portable horse stalls in the best equestrian facilities throughout the country, from hot and sunny Texas to the cooler and less dry climates of the New England states. Our portable horse stalls lead the industry because of our commitment to design, durability, and safety.

Fencing for the Farm and Home

Aluminum | Steel | Stainless

There are many considerations when choosing a fence or gate for the farm or the home. CRA Welding‘s extensive experience in all areas of fencing – for farms, livestock, or homeowners – will advise you on all the factors involved for your need and will help you choose the best option.


Materials: Aluminum, Steel or Stainless Steel

Colors: Black, White, Gray, Florida Bronze, Light Bronze, Green, and Beige


Built to Last

Our heavy gates are built out of 11ga steel. We use 2x2x1/4 mesh that is welded in. For ultimate safety for the animal and strength. We offer them in HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED to keep them looking good and last you a lifetime! Whether you need gates for sheep, cattle, horse, or home fencing or something else, our gates are durable, easy-to-operate and attractive.

Hay Feeders

Designs That Work for Your Livestock

Our hay feeders are designed and tested on our own horse and cattle herds. As well drawing ideas from our experienced clientele .They are designed to minimized costly hay loss. Hay feeders from CRA Welding are made from 11ga steel an hot dipped galvanized! Our covered feeders are made specifically as horse hay feeders and are portable. The removable tarp covering keeps hay dry and protected from the mold-producing elements. In addition, we also fabricate cattle hay feeders.

Heavy Trucks and Equipment

Welding & Fabrication to Spec

For heavy trucks and equipment, we specialize in taking our customer’s specifications, drawings, or descriptions and build to meet specific needs. Some of the applications we are known for include:

  • Bumper welding and fabricating
  • Dump bed repairs
  • Headlight and taillight and accessory panels
  • Customized toolboxes
  • Customized steps
  • Custom add-on items and more

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