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Do you Install Your Products?

We handle projects from start to finish to meet your budget and timeline. From design, construction, painting, and installation, we run the entire job without stress for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on a custom project you’d like done.

Do You Offer Functional or Ornamental Designs?

Both! CRA Welding capabilities are wide-ranging from simple welded steel or aluminum fences and gates for equine, bovine, pet, or the home, and range from purely functional to ornamental metal designs.

Heavy Trucks & Equipment

Do You Make Customized Products?

We do! You can order a variety of custom add-ons, including steps, toolboxes, and more. If there is some kind of rack, shelf, box, trailer, or anything else that would make things easier for your employees or business, we can help with that. We have done a lot for businesses needing something built that cannot be bought. Give us your idea, and we will build it to your specifications.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on a custom project you’d like done.

What Metals do You Specialize In?

Mostly aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. While we can work with other metals, these tend to be the most common.


Which Stall Varieties Do You Offer?

We offer Mesh Front, European, Traditional styles, and portable horse stalls. Horse gates are also available.

How Do I Care for a Finished Stall?

If you get your stalled coated/painted, it will be a tough job to keep it in top condition, but definitely not impossible.

One thing you can do is avoid hanging items, like halters, feed bags, and other equipment from the stalls. This keeps your chances of scratching the coat off much lower. If your horse is cribbing, you’ll want to address the issue not only for your stall appearance but the overall health of your horse.

If you do have scratches, tackle them as soon as you can. You’ll reduce further damage and hopefully cut down your work load for retouching.

What's the Best Way to Clean Your Stalls?

Our steel is much easier to clean than wood. On a well-ventilated day, empty out your stall and use your preferred gentle cleaner. (You can use a spray bottle or a bucket and sponge.) Let your cleaner sit for a couple of minutes and then scrub away. Rinse if necessary and dry the stall out to prevent potential rust.

If you have any wooden portions, you’ll need a good brush or sponge, and a gentle vinegar-based cleaner (patch-tested). Please be as careful as possible and make sure the wood dries completely. You may need to touch up the finish afterward, so keep that in mind before you start.

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